Dealing with Coyotes

coyoteA recent post on the Dog Owners of Santa Cruz Facebook group described a frightening encounter between a woman, her husband, their dogs, and a small pack of coyotes in Pogonip Park. As Caroline Swain described it:

Literally was swarmed and hunted by a pack of three huge , aggressive coyotes up at pogonip Meadows this evening with my 6-foot two husband and my one large Australian Shepherd one medium size and a small Chihuahua.

They circled us and when my big dog took off after one of them it tried to attack him and was working with another large coyote they would not be scared off they were not afraid of us!!! I love to let my dogs run off leash when I can and I’ve taken them up there are many times and been fine I don’t know if it was the time of day being evening or what but definitely leash your dogs walking through the Meadows out there the grass is really tall they were hiding in it almost like tigers and definitely were working as a team really scary !!!! 

Caroline and her husband will be on the program to talk about the incident. They will be joined by Rebecca Dmytryk, from Humane Wildlife Control, who will discuss human/dog/coyote encounters and how humans should respond and protect our dogs during such an event. We might even talk mountain lions for a moment.


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