Daisy, Santa Cruz Adoptable Pet of the Week

Daisy, Santa Cruz Adoptable Pet of the Week 1

Daisy, SC Pet-of-the-Week

By Santa Cruz animal shelter

Daisy was in severe distress when she arrived at the SCCAS on December 1st.  Daisy required immediate emergency surgery for a blockage in her bladder that had gone untreated for too long. We were not sure she would make it through the surgery or the next 24 hours.  Further complicating her arrival was her five one-week old puppies, which she had been unable to nurse due to being sick and in severe pain. An emergency call went out for a foster home to care for the pups and Daisy went into surgery that day.

Caring for five one-week old puppies means you’re opening up your home and your life to a 24/7 schedule. In the early weeks of life, the mother dog generally takes on total care of her pups from their feeding to eliminating, but these pups had to depend on a human for that. Fortunately one of the shelter staff stepped up to take on the challenge and the puppies went off to their foster home that day. Bottle feeding and caring for newborn puppies can be an intense time and everyone is on a learning curve. The puppies have to learn how to drink from the bottle, the foster care giver has to learn how to get the puppies to take the bottle. The first couple of weeks were very challenging with many sleepless nights.

When Daisy was stable and healing following her surgery, there was an effort to reunite mother and pups. Daisy seemed happy to see them, but after not being with her youngsters for over 3 weeks, she was not able to nurse them, nor did she seem to want to. She preferred to be with people over her pups at that point.

Fast forward to 7 weeks later. Daisy’s bladder healed to the point where Daisy could have dental surgery with 5 teeth extractions.  She has recovered beautifully from all of her surgeries and is now adoptable. She was happy in her foster home during her recovery and now it’s time for a loving forever home, which she so deserves after such an ordeal.

All five puppies thrived and grew quickly in their foster home. Thanks to the foster mom and her foster helpers, the pups have gone from blind, totally dependent, tiny one week olds to happy, lively 10 week old adorable and bouncy youngsters. All five of them have been adopted and the foster mom was sad to see them go off to their new homes but happy that they all survived and grew into beautiful, healthy puppies. She says it was challenging, amazing, and so worth the time and effort. The joy factor has been huge all around.

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Daisy, Santa Cruz Adoptable Pet of the Week 2

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