COVID-19 Won’t Stop Low-Cost Spay Neuter

SNIP Bus Melanie Scherer
Melanie Scherer of SNIP Bus

PODCAST (23:52) — I was dreading what I might hear when the founder of the mobile low-cost spay/neuter SNIP Bus project appeared on the 3/15/20 program.

I was ready for Melanie Scherer to tell me that like much of the Monterey/Santa Cruz area the $25-a-pet SNIP Bus would be closed for as long as the coronavirus outbreak continues.

Fortunately, that is not Melanie’s plan. And she will continue providing mobile spay and neutering during this crisis. That makes very good sense. Here’s why:

  • A typical day is 25 or 30 pets and owners spread over several hours.
  • The bus or trailer is parked outside and people can stay as far apart from one another.
  • SnipBus staff doesn’t have to touch people and the patients are mostly in carriers, which can be sanitized as needed.
  • Vet techs have the infection-control thing down pretty well, so transmission risk between humans in minimal.
  • Pets don’t catch or transmit COVID-19, so medical staff is not at risk.

Those are some of the things we discussed during the interview. Melanie’s enthusiasm for the spay/neuter mission is infectious, just like COVID-19, but does much better for pets and the community.

The SNIP Bus, mobile spay/neuter clinic is a regular visitor to locations in the Monterey Bay area. Melanie also spoke about how SNIP came to be, what services it offers, and how spay/neuter is the only hope for getting feral populations under control.

The SNIP Bus is a KSCO Pet Radio Recommended Organization.

COVID-19 Won't Stop Low-Cost Spay Neuter 1
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COVID-19 Won't Stop Low-Cost Spay Neuter 3

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