Coming soon: KSCO Pet Radio CPR Training (Rescue fundraising!)

Beginning in early October, KSCO Pet Radio will begin offering Pet CPR and First Aid training to our listeners and friends. This will be offered as a fundraiser for 501(c)(3) rescues, who will receive 20 percent of every registration fee.

Even experienced owners often have no idea how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation on their beloved animals, much less the lifesaving mouth-to-snout breathing. If kids can do it (see right) then you can, too!

First aid skills are also important and lifesaving, so they are an important part of this training. Successful completion gives students a certification valid for two years.

I don’t yet have dates and locations, but I would like to get our 501(c)(3) rescue partners lined-up so we can start planning these 3-1/2-hour trainings.

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Coming soon: KSCO Pet Radio CPR Training (Rescue fundraising!) 1
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