Changed and getting ready for show #2

It’s Tuesday and I am sitting here trying to get organized. First, I have real, paid work, to accomplish for clients. I’ll do some of that immediately, then I’ll get after my unpaid activities in animal rescue and the radio program. And “immediately” means after finishing this post. Procrastination always finds a way!

All of last Sunday’s guests were super and I apologize for being a little rattled and, for example, unable to conjure up the word “glucosamine” on demand. :> I am making some changes in the show format to get things under control while maintaining what the Brits sometimes call a “brisk manner.”

And I just received a message about four homeless cats from homeless owners, now living in crates, who urgently need a foster. Fostering is on my list as a topic for this Sunday, so I need to get on the phone to line-up a guest. Fosters make the world go ’round for homeless pets. And, yes, messaging potential fosters.

Sunday’s program was a brave first attempt — not because of the guests or Jason, my KSCO producer. I got “off the clock” straight away during the first hour and was making on-the-fly time adjustments for the rest of the program. We also had some miscommunication over the guest call-in number, so Jason called several guests to make sure they’d be on the right phone at the right time. Not a big problem and I had made copies of all the guest phone numbers for his use, just in case.

The second hour was much smoother.

Changes in the wings:

  1. Getting rid of the music except for once-an-hour. Just use the recorded “liners” to introduce me coming out of breaks.
  2. Redo the program clock. I’ll probably post the new clock when it is done (so listeners can follow along at home and see how messed-up I become). The clock is a diagram of the show in the form of a clock face, showing what is supposed to happen and when.
  3. As part of #2, we won’t try for as many guests in future shows. We had eight on last Sunday and I want to cut back to five, but give each a little bit more time. I hate doing this and may yet change my mind. The show was a bit like racing the clock.
  4. WordPress is having trouble with phantom user signups for the website. Not sure what to do about that.
  5. I need to have guests lined up at least two weeks ahead of time in order promote their appearances effectively. That is my main task today and tomorrow.

There is more but I really need to get to work and focus on #5.

Stay tuned…

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