Best Dog to Work Ideas for Happy Canines (and Owners)

dog to work ideasPODCAST (11:05) — Tomorrow, June 26, 2020, is the Friday after Father’s Day and marks the annual observance of “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

On last Sunday’s KSCO Pet Radio, vet tech and blogger Christy Caplan offered her best taking your dog to work ideas.

Not to be outdone, my co-host, Laura Pakis, who in decades as a trainer has never taken a dog to the office, had ideas of her own. Our professional canine walker, Josh Stevens, added his thoughts about what happens when work is located at someone’s home.

The podcast is a mere 11-minutes long and the ideas are good anytime you want or need to take your animal to the office, regardless of the occasion. Some of the preparations might best be made well in advance. (Take your cat to work day was Monday and is the topic for a future and even shorter podcast episode).

Here Are Some Our Best Dog to Work Ideas

  1. First, make sure your office is safe for your best friend. Trash cans that can be tipped? Electrical cords to chew? Garments to destroy? There are so many potential hazards that the safety check is the first and most important idea to implement.
  2. Harnesses are better than leads — this idea isn’t in the podcast but how you restrain the animal, especially in and out of your vehicle, is also a safety concern.
  3. Is your canine cool with strange humans? Including coworkers and your boss? Or does he take a while to warm up?
  4. Will a crate or pen solve canine management issues?
  5. How about being friendly to the other animals she’ll meet at the office?
  6. Don’t forget snacks and treats for both of you.
  7. A portable water bowl ought to be in your doggy car kit already.
  8. Where will he poop? What about accidents? Bring poop bags and cleaning supplies for the inevitable accidents. How do you get the canine to poop central? How long will that take?
  9. Will there be any kids around then office?
  10. Never leave the animal alone, and convince someone to help if/when you must leave it alone “for a few minutes.” 
  11. Bring a favorite dog bed so your friend has a familiar-smelling spot to sack out.
  12. Talk to coworkers who have done this before and see what dog to work ideas that they recommend.
  13. Know where the nearest emergency-capable vet is located, just in case.
  14. Thought about limiting this to a half-day, at least the first time? That may be our best idea for taking your canine to work ideas of all.

Those are some ideas that we hope will make any time the animal goes to the office a happy experience for everyone involved.

If you find these canines to work ideas useful, please share on social media and feel free to leave a comment here.

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