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With 20 Days To Go — It’s Monday, December 18 as I sit here at my desk, somewhat overwhelmed both at the outpouring of support I’ve received, but also concerned about some of the choices I’ve made — all reversible, thankfully — and the month of KSCO Pet Radio programs I am trying to get booked.

The countdown widget on the right side of your screen now says I have 20 days until the first program, but there are two holidays sandwiched into that nearly three weeks and I am feeling some pressure. Especially over things that need to be done that I cannot do alone.

Yes, it’s a mere eight hours of radio I am planning for the first month, spread over four weeks, but there is an awful lot to do. Especially since I want each hour — two hours every week — to have 3-4 interview segments per hour, plus some regular adoption features, etc.

I am stuck at the moment on whether or not to take live listener telephone calls. With segments averaging 10 minutes each, it’s unlikely we could take more than one call per segment. I suspect we will work that out, perhaps with fewer segments per hour for one hour a week? Maybe a 30-minute “featured guest” segment intended for calls? If we want to do an “ask the expert” with more than me doing the asking, that’s probably the way.

If we devote a half-hour to a guest or topic, it better be something everyone will be interested in. But we should be able to take listener calls during the longer segment.

If not calls, then we will accept questions as soon as each week’s guest list is posted, probably via Facebook, email, and maybe Twitter.

Captive to “The Clock”

Many people do not realize how much radio programs are creatures of “the clock,” typically a graphic display of what a program is supposed to be doing at what point during the hour. It id circular like a clock face. with lives dividing the minutes into program segments.

I’ve worked at radio stations where, if you were still talking at exactly 19-minutes past (or before) the hour the automation system would simply cut you off and begin the scheduled commercial. You better be ready three minutes later when automation cut back to the studio.

My first radio job was at an NBC all-news station so tightly programmed that you could tell time by what was happening on the radio. When the announced said, “It is two minutes before the hour” the headline sounder (music) fired and ran until 58:50 when a closing sounder played and the anchor intoned “and this is your News and Information station” as the closing cue. I then played a minute of commercials and at exactly the top of the hour, fired the TOH (top-of-hour) station ID (with the NBC chimes) and sounder to introduce the local news anchor, who better end precisely at 06:30 past the hour or be cut-off. Running short could be covered with the end-of-news sounders, but running over was deadly. I loved that job.

I am now on the third or fourth iteration of the program clock for the program, which I will share in a future “Behind the Scenes” post.

This is what the final hour of the NBC News and Information Service sounded like in 1977.

Welcome “Doc” Wallach to KSCO Pet Radio

Regular KSCO listeners will be pleased to learn that Dr. Joel Wallach of “Dead Doctors Don’t Life”

KSCO Pet Radio's Dr. Joel Wallach

Joel Wallach, BS, DVM, ND

fame will be joining me for a 14-minute segment each hour. Most KSCO people know Doc Wallach as a champion for improving human health on his daily program, but besides being a Naturopathic physician, he is also a holistic veterinarian. That’s the hat he will wear on KSCO Pet Radio. I am very excited to have Joel as a regular weekly contributor. Yes, we will have other vets on as well, especially when discussing specific illnesses and research, but Dr. Wallach has a lot to contribute to KSCO Pet Radio and I look forward to working with him.

In my next update, I’ll share one or few program clocks we are considering as well as news about he first couple of programs and a discussion of this website, Facebook, Twitter, etc., as they relate to the program.

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