Bark’s Cow-abunga Beef Dog Treats

Cow-abunga Beef Dog Treats
  • Dogs like them? Very much.
  • David likes them? Not quite as much as the dogs.
  • Nutrition
  • Value


The dogs loved them. I thought the smoky, sweet flavor was nice. Smelled meaty. We all like this one, except for the price. $32-a-pound dog treats?

Bark’s Cow-abunga Beef Dog Treats, 5oz/$10, are soft, beefy treats that my dogs tried to grab from my hand, despite the hand being headed toward a different dog’s mouth. The treats are an inch square and scored for easy breaking into morsel-sized training treats.

Given the choice between these treats and a 2lb/$10 banana and peanut butter organic cookie from Costco, there was no comparison. And the dogs usually like the cookies.

Ginger going for Bark’s Cow-abunga Beef Dog Treats

As for me, the treat was low-taste in the way I am finding dog treats to be, but pleasantly smoky and a bit sweet. Meaty without being overly chewy. I could, and did, try several of these treats. The package came in a recent BarkBox shipment.

The reason dogs (and I) prefer this treat is simple: They taste good, with ingredients including beef, maple syrup, and natural smoke flavor there are good reasons for this. Nice smoky aroma, too.

The dogs actually love these treats — which, for the price, they certainly should. We could get a nice steak, several actually, and cook them for less money.

I have had people food that I liked a lot less than these treats. A three-for-$5 frozen dinner from Food-4-Even-Less, for example.

Dogs Like Them? Very much, found them quite tasty. Preferred over other treats and cookies offered during testing.

David Likes Them? Better than other dog treats and a fair amount of human food he has had.

Cow-abunga Dog Treats

Cow-abunga Beef Dog Treats

Nutrition Seems OK, no mystery ingredients.

Value These treats, at $10 for 5 oz., are actually quite expensive, as premium “high value” treats seem to be.

Vendor’s Product Info

Made in the USA without wheat, corn, or soy, these treats are as wholesome as they are totally gnarly.


Beef, Brown Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Maple Syrup, Glycerin, Gelatin, Salt, Natural Smoke Flavor, Potassium Sorbate

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein 18.18% min Crude Fat 12% Crude Fiber Min .74% Moisture Max 15.58% 22 kcal/treat


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