Bark’s Best Treats Ever: Turkey Jerky Dog Snacks with Bacon Flavor

Yummy, grain-free treats
  • Attractive to dogs -- The dogs very much like these treats
  • Did dogs want more? Oh, yes. Repeatedly.
  • David's Taste Test -- Fairly low taste, a tad sweet, becomes small particles when chewed
  • Did David's want more? Not bad, but not really.
  • Nutrition -- Grain-free good, ingredients not frightening
  • Price/availability -- 10oz. for 8.99 at local Target store. $9.00 on


No surprise: The dogs loved them. Some surprise: I didn’t hate them, they didn’t make me sick. Not a steady diet for any of us, though I will certainly buy them again (for the bow-wows, not me). Are they the best treats ever? Certainly close, at least in my dogs’ opinion. Prices seems a little high, but there are lots of more-expensive treats I expect to like less.

Bark Best Treats Ever

Bark’s Best Treats Ever Turkey with Bacon flavor

The best treats ever? I really did taste these treats and thought they were good enough for my dogs. I won’t share my entire history as a canine gastronome, but I started my tasting journey with MilkBone as a grade-schooler. They were pretty good. A few years ago, I briefly worked for Mars Pet Care and ate some of their Nutro crunchy treats as a customer demonstration. They weren’t bad, at all. Now, I have no interest in tasting actual dog food — Purina One, anybody? — but if it is dry, snacky, and features ingredients familiar to most humans, how can I refuse? This I do for you, dear reader.

Our first product review

So along with other reviews — a new category here on the site — I will occasionally eat dog treats so that you don’t have to. I will not go out of my way to eat anything that seems too gross and I don’t like liver in any form, but that still leaves me a reasonable selection of meat-ish treats and a ton of grain-based biscuits and cookies to sample.

Here goes:

My first taste-test is a Bark & Co. product that did not come in our monthly BarkBox, probably because they are too expensive to include in the $20 monthly shipments. This is the Best Treats Ever Turkey Jerky Dog Snacks with Bacon Flavor. I bought these from the new Bark treats display at the local Target store for $8.99. They sell for $9.00 at the BarkShop online. There are six meat-driven flavor combinations. The colorful packaging makes the flavor variety a tad hard to discern on Target’s shelves.

The dogs love them

All the dogs at my house, plus a few others that I shared the treats with, just loved them. More than most of the other treats they have been offered lately, and much more than crunchy, biscuit-style treats. These snacks feel meaty to the hand but are not tough like jerky tends to be. The dogs gobbled them down eagerly and quickly returned to get the piece I was trying to give to someone else. Seeing how much the dogs liked them, I decided to give them a try. But only after I read…

Best Treats Ever back

Best Treats Ever – Back of package


Turkey, Vegetable Glycerin, Sweet Potatoes, Bacon Fat, Mixed Tocopherols (preservative), Rosemary Extract


Crude Protein: 30.0% (min)

Crude Fat: 10.% (min)

Fiber: 3.0% (max)

Moisture: 22.0% (max)

Calorie Content (Calculated)

ME (Calculated): 2950 Kcal/kg

Calories Per Treat: 50 Kcal/treat

None of the ingredients seem scary or unwholesome, though God only knows what parts of the turkey go into these treats. The other ingredients are not uncommon in people food, so I wasn’t too concerned about tasting one of these treats. Overall, they were low taste, a little sweet, not a jerky texture, vaguely bacon-y, and quickly became small particles when easily chewed. The pieces are large enough and soft enough to tear into appropriate-sized pieces for differently-sized dogs. I found them easy to dispense and they did not mess up my hands.

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