Ask-Us-Anything: Teddy, the “Problem Pom”

Teddy and his foster mom, Jules Beer

For this “Ask Us Anything” with ACME Canine trainer Laura Pakis we have an in-studio canine guest — Teddy the Pomeranian — and her foster, Jules Beer. Teddy has shown some aggression toward people, but has calmed down considerably, especially when treats are provided. Jules and Laura develop a plan to better socialize this dog and get him into an adoptive home.

This emphasizes the importance of getting animals out of shelters — Teddy had been in one for weeks — where they are incredibly stressed and become reactive. In a foster home, Teddy has calmed considerably and will, over time, become someone’s good companion animal.

The truck driver who killed the dog and almost his owners was later identified (thanks to tips) and turned himself in to police.

More talk on the Camp Fire and the North Valley Animal Disaster Group.

The end of the 1 PM news is included in this podcast.

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