April King, Monterey SPCA

April King

April King, Monterey SPCA, and her dog, Amy

April King has been a Humane Educator with the SPCA for Monterey County for 6 years. As a Salinas native, she is dedicated to helping Monterey County become a safer, kinder, and more welcoming place for pets and wildlife alike. As a Humane Educator, she directs the SPCA’s dynamic camp programs and travels to Monterey County schools to teach students about a wide variety of animal welfare-related topics, such as proper animal care, pet safety, living harmoniously with wildlife, and the importance of shelters in our community. She is excited to be able to not only foster a sense of wonder towards animals within the young people of our community, but help them grow into the compassionate, kind, and empathetic citizens our society needs today.

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April King, Monterey SPCA 1