Site Update and Google ads on this Site

This morning (Friday, 2/14/20) I have changed the “theme” for this site from the being discontinued “NewsToday” to “Interactive” by MyThemeShop. I will be making more changes but what you see is how the theme will generally look.

Also, I have recently enabled Google Adsense on the KSCO Pet Radio website. I will not get rich doing this, in part because I am trying to strictly limit the number and kinds of ads that Google can show on this site.

At the moment, there are more than 300 ads that I do not allow to be shown here. The most offensive of these are puppies offered for sale and companies offering emotional support dog “registration” and official-looking paraphernalia.

If you see offensive or misleading advertising on this site, please notify me immediately. Are you seeling too many ads? Ad from too far away? Tell me.

Google this week made changes in how advertising as delivered — how much and where it is placed — and I am still reacting to that.

I have approved what appears to be reputable pet-related advertising and a few other advertisers that I don’t believe will offend.

Frankly, if I had more Patreon members, the ads would be unnecessary. Running this site, however, generates expenses that Laura and I pay from our own pockets and I am looking to limit those.

Thank you for supporting our radio program and this website.

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