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KSCO Pet Radio is a volunteer effort. David Coursey and Laura Pakis donate many hours each week to producing a program they hope will inform listeners, spur action, and save animal lives. They are not paid for doing the program except through donations made using Patreon. Please consider supporting the program.

We DO NOT accept money or other consideration for appearances on the radio program. We do not accept money for writing about people or companies on this website. We do, however, participate in affiliate programs which offer small compensation if you make a purchase by clicking on a link on this site. We also accept listener donations via our Patreon link.

David Coursey

About David Coursey

An active animal rescuer and transporter, KSCO Pet Radio’s David Coursey is trained in both no-kill animal shelter management and missing animal recovery. He has been a broadcaster and journalist for more than 40 years and has previously hosted other KSCO talk programs, as well as programs in his native Dallas.

David is the founder and/or administrator of Facebook lost and found animal and rescue transportation groups totaling more than 8,000 members in Northern California. He has been involved in animal rescue for more than a decade. His Facebook groups reunite lost animals with their owners and raise money to provide care for animals whose owners cannot afford to provide care.

A commercial freelance writer, David primarily writes blogs, white papers, and other marketing communications material for technology companies. He has previously worked for InfoWorld, Upside, USA Today, and other publications.

The KSCO Pet Radio web and Facebook sites also host his blog about animal rescue as well as program podcasts, product reviews, guest biographies, program lineups, and other information,

David is the founder of California Emergency Volunteers, a 501(c)(3) charitable emergency communications group. He is a FEMA-trained Master Exercise Practitioner and is broadly trained in emergency management and emergency communications.

His next non-profit will be Valley Angels Fund for Animals, which will raise money and arrange care for sick and injured animals whose owners cannot afford to pay for their care.

About Laura Pakis

Laura Pakis is an experienced Certified Professional Trainer, Cynologist, and owner/founder of Acme Canine. Having trained more than 5,000 dogs and run a boarding and daycare facility for over 13 years, Laura shares her knowledge and experience with behavior training and the care and understanding of dogs on, Spike’s Dog Blog, by Acme Canine and other media sources.