A true attack story: Why dogs must always be under control

Kendra and her Staffie Miss Barbie

Kendra Adelson will be on the program Sunday to talk about an incident in which her dog — a pit bull-like Staffordshire Terrier — was savagely attacked by a dog who came charging out of its owners’ house. Then the owners failed to answer the door. And what she has done about the incident.

Leashed dog attacked and attacker’s owner doesn’t care

By Kendra Adelson
Reposted from Dog Owners of Santa Cruz Facebook group (March 22, 2018)

Today my dog was attacked by an off-leash dog. Today was the first time I’ve officially filed a report with animal control.

I’ve thought about how to start this post and I’m still so angry I’m not sure I should post at all, but I feel its important to share.

This needs to be a lesson for:
• All the dog owners that think the leash law doesn’t apply to them.
• All the dog owners that insist “my dog is friendly”.
• All the dog owners that truly believe “my dog would never do that”.

Dogs are animals. Natural instinct is undeniable. Responsible ownership is EVERYTHING!

We were having a great exercise session. I was riding my bike and my ON LEASH dog was trotting alongside as happy as can be on a loose leash loving the wind blowing in her face when all the sudden a dog comes charging at us and starts attacking her. This dog ran out of its front door and full steam ahead, made a bee-line for us and chomped down numerous times on my dogs rear legs.

My dog is a rescued and rehabilitated breeding and most likely fighting dog. We know that she was definitely used for breeding because she had just had a litter when she was found. We think she was also used in dog fighting based on her behavior around other dogs after she settled in.

We have worked SOOOOOO HARD for SEVEN YEARS on overcoming her fears, making her more confident and working on her reaction with other dogs when not introduced properly. I’ve had to advocate for her and I’m happy to because I’m her Mom, but today’s incident set back our work drastically and was 100% avoidable.

What makes matters worse is that once they were finally able to catch their dog (almost two blocks later) and once we were able to get space, regroup and fully calm ourselves. We started walking back to discuss what happened. Once these people saw me coming back they immediately ran inside and locked the door.

I knocked and they chose to ignore me. I said loudly “I need to discuss with you what just happened with our dogs”……. no response. “I really need to know if your dog is up to date on their shots because your dog bit my dog numerous times”…… no response. “Ok you are really leaving me no choice but to call Animal Control and file an official complaint. You are really making this so much more difficult than it needs to be”.

A simple “I’m sorry and yes my dog has all its shots” being yelled through the door would have sufficed instead of hiding behind the blinds where I could clearly see them. So I had to take picture of their house, their car, my dog injuries and take the time to go down to Animal Control to file an official complaint and open a case.

They will be visited by an Officer, cited and informed that they are 100% liable for any damages that occurred today. They will also be informed that the dog is now in their system (which it may already be and this is another strike) and we will see how the process unveils.

I will be following it and pursuing it to the fullest extent, penalty fines and all. I am beyond livid at this chicken shit approach when being an adult in this situation would have made a world of difference. Now they have put themselves in a really bad position.

I am so unbelievably proud of my dog. While it was happening she was looking at me like “why can’t I defend myself Mom” as I just kept asking her to move forward to get away to get space. She did amazing! The truth is that she could have killed that dog in one bite, and it would have not been her or my fault at all.

I struggled with going to Animal Control and taking it this far, but I really feel I was left no choice. If this happened to me it is just a matter of time before this dog attacks a child, another dog, or gets hit by a car being allowed to run out the front door in total chaos mode. Baby gates work wonders.

It’s all about responsible ownership. We all make mistakes, shit happens believe me I understand, but this was the absolute worst way to handle this situation. I really hope the people reading this that think the leash law doesn’t apply to them, or that their dog is perfect and would never do anything like this really take this as the reality check they need. Its just stupid to be so irresponsible and to not answer the door after a situation like this occurs. That definitely took it to a whole other level that wasn’t necessary.

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