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Sure spot in heaven: Rescue Express Founder Mike McCarthy

Note: This fund-raising email from Rescue Express founder Mike McCarthy, goes into more detail than the podcast post about an actual transport run, so I want you to see it. — David

Hello fellow animal lovers,

It was an incredible weekend and we are all grins about it. Rescue Express had almost a full freedom ride with all the large carriers filled. But this happy go-lucky beauty did not mind her makeshift carrier at all.

Rescue Express’ ‘Homes for the Holidays’ rolled out at 1:30 am Saturday morning from Valley Center, Ca. and made it to Eugene, Or. around 4 am Sunday morning. This is where the first crew and driver get off and a second crew and driver get on to finish the rest of the trip to Washington and Canada.

Both crews stay up through the entire trip caring for the animals, filling the water bowls, replenishing the food, and swapping out wet piddle pads with dry ones. And there is a lot of piddle pad swapping on these trips.

When all is said and done, the tractor-trailer comes back to Valley Center where the cleaning and sanitizing begin. It takes 2 days to take out all the carriers, wash and sanitize them, and clean the truck from top-to-bottom before placing the carriers back in.

All of this work comes at a cost to Rescue Express, which does not get passed on to our rescue partners. We want to continue to offer free transport to them, because without them shelter animals deemed unadoptable do not have any chance of finding a forever loving home.

Many over-crowded shelters which say they are no-kill will consider perfectly healthy and well-behaved animals unadoptable as a way to end their lives and make more room when they hit capacity.

Our free transport runs about $3800 a trip and we make two trips a month driving over 500 animals from sending rescue partners to receiving rescue partners that find the animals forever homes.

Roughly, that comes to about $13 for a dog (no matter the size), a cat, a litter of puppies, or a carrier full of kittens. That is not bad considering all the work that goes into the transport.

This giving season, Rescue Express is matching all donations to send twice as many animals to their forever homes for the holidays. Please consider saving a few spots for our rescue partners.

100% of your gift goes to saving the animals.

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