The Fight to Make Animal Welfare Records Available (Once More)

Animal Legal Defense Fund Senior Attorney Christopher Berry will be back, this time to talk about efforts to unseal once-public records that detail animal cruelty that the feds now cover-up. Here is a fundraiser they published earlier today.

Dear David,

A coalition led by the Animal Legal Defense Fund will appear in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals tomorrow to fight the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) decision to remove critical animal welfare reports from its website — reports about animals kept in various research labs, zoos, puppy mills, circuses and animal transporters across the country.

Removing these reports keeps the illegal mistreatment of animals in the dark. Without the USDA’s enforcement records, countless animal protection organizations are severely hampered in their ability to effectively protect animals. If we don’t win this case, this blackout will empower animal abusers to continue their mistreatment of animals unchecked — endangering animals’ lives and well-being.

We need your support right now, David

In tomorrow’s oral arguments, we will be appealing a dismissal of our original lawsuit, which a district judge dismissed in 2017. We remain committed to restoring public access to all of the animal welfare records — and your generous donation today will help ensure that we can continue the fight. Together we can hold animal abusers accountable for their unlawful actions.

For the animals,

Stephen Wells, Executive Director

Stephen Wells
Executive Director
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