1:30 pm — Pet Dermatologist Dr. Samantha Lockwood (Repeat)

1:30 pm -- Pet Dermatologist Dr. Samantha Lockwood (Repeat) 1

Dr. Samantha Lockwood

This is the first of a series of occasional conversations about something most pet owners don’t realize they should care about! What allergists do for people, dermatologists do for pets — plus ears. Includes details about fighting mange (now easier!), flea allergies, and other conditions owners should understand.

Dr. Samantha Lockwood is a California native who has lived all over the state—from sunny San Diego to cold, wet winters near Tahoe. Growing up on a farm in rural northern California, Dr. Lockwood always had a love of being around furry friends. She was raised to work hard and care for all types of animals including the chickens, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, pigs and reptiles. Dr. Lockwood knew veterinary medicine would be the best career to share her passion and love for animals.

She now works in Santa Cruz two-days-a-week at the Dermatology for Animals clinic in Soquel.

Dr. Lockwood attended the University of California Santa Cruz and graduated in 2006 with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. After graduation, she spent two years working in San Diego as a veterinary technician. During this time, she learned new aspects of caring for animals and decided to attend veterinarian school, graduating from Western University of Health Sciences in 2012 with her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She completed an intense and gratifying rotating small animal internship at VCA Veterinary Care Animal Hospital and Referral Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While in New Mexico, her love for dermatology grew strong as she worked closely with Dermatology for Animals.

Demodex dog Ellen

Ellen at the vet after medicated bath

Dr. Lockwood started her residency with Dermatology for Animals in 2014. During that time period, she has focused on advancing her knowledge in dermatology through working closely with her mentors (Drs. Schick and Lewis) and numerous clinical studies including her research on cyclosporine use in felines.

Dr. Lockwood completed her residency in July of 2017 and will be taking her board certification exam later this year. Dermatology for Animals is privileged to have Dr. Lockwood as part of our team. She is compassionate, well-rounded and excited about caring for the skin of her patients.

Dr. Lockwood loves the outdoors including camping, hiking, and snowboarding. She and her fiancé Bill share their home with five furry babies: Gus the Great Dane, and their four cats Bug, Gary, Roary, and Theodore.

I promised an impressive Demodexx “Red Mange” photo. So meet Ellen. Who is now fine and adopted out. Thanks to the new treatments Dr. Lochwood and I discussed, she was much improved in a month. Her coat is still improving but she is not recognizable as the same animal shown here.

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1:30 pm -- Pet Dermatologist Dr. Samantha Lockwood (Repeat) 2
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