1:15 p.m. — Introduction to Pet Insurance

Because of a technical issue on our last program, this interview will run (I hope) this week.

Kristen Lynch from the North American Pet Health Insurance Association spends a half-hour answering questions about a subject that can perplex pet owners but is something most of us should be taking more seriously.

After doing this interview — and thinking about having raised thousands of dollars to help pay for emergency care for uninsured pets — I think one of the hallmarks of responsible pet ownership is becoming/has become having insurance to cover your pets. (I will admit that I do not, yet…)

Insurance can be expensive, especially for low-income families and those with multiple pets and/or fixed incomes. Not every family who would benefit from pet insurance will be able to afford it.

Still, every owner should at least be exposed to the existence of the range of policies available, so this segment/podcast is a quick way to accomplish that.

BTW — Largest claims paid out during 2017 include a $53,000 feline and an almost $48,000 dog!


American Veterinary Medical Association “Guidelines on Pet Insurance for Pet Owners”

NAPHIA link to all North American pet insurance providers. Be aware of sites that claim to offer reviews and comparisons of pet insurance policies and providers that get paid for referring new customers. They may provide useful information, but I would the actual purchase from the links provided by the NAPHIA site above.

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