12:30pm: Please call and “Ask Us Anything” on KSCO 1080

This week, we are expanding “Ask Us Anything” to a full hour and adding two guests to talk about genetics.

We have started a new segment every Sunday at 12:30PM PT where trainer and dog expert Laura Pakis of ACME Canine and I invite listeners to “Ask Us Anything!”

Last week, we had about five callers and the segment spilled over into the 1pm hour.

I am again trying to jumpstart the process of getting listeners to call in questions by mentioning it here. The number is 831-479-1080 and we will do our best to answer any pet-related question — dogs and cats, especially, but we also know reptiles and birds. If we don’t know the answer we will book a guest that does! Behavioral issues a specialty.

Remember, please, that we are not vets and will not give specific medical advice, though we can answer as fellow owners based on what we have learned.

David and Brittany Coursey

Please think up a question for us — or get a friend to — and give us a call this and every Sunday between 12:30 and 1. If we start getting calls we will invite vets and various experts to join us.

Calls also dempnstrate that listeners are actually out there and give a darn about the program. It’s a good way to show your support for Pet Radio!