POTW: Charles, your new bunny?


Pet-of-the-Week Charles

CHARLES – ID#A243943

Meet Charles. He’s a handsome little guy who is very friendly and outgoing. Through no fault of his own, this is his second time at shelter, unfortunately. He was surrendered after his latest owner tried everything to control her allergic reaction to him. Charles loves attention and is very good at using the litter box. He likes timothy hay and various greens to keep him healthy and his coat nice and shiny. Easter is coming up and we hope you will consider that bunnies can be great pets, but they require daily care, feeding, cleaning, and attention just like dogs and cats.

Charles is a grey and white neutered male, shorthaired rabbit.

To Adopt: Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, 1001 Rodriguez St., Santa Cruz


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POTW: Charles, your new bunny? 1

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