1:08pm: Update on DxE Petaluma Chicken Abuse Protest

1:08pm: Update on DxE Petaluma Chicken Abuse Protest 1

DxE organizer Eva Hamer with Julie, a beagle rescued from a breeding facility for dogs to be used in science experiments.

An email from Cassie King of animal activist group Direct Action Everywhere (DXE):

(In early August) 150 DxE activists mobilized at a Whole Foods factory farm after we received horrifying footage of birds rotting to death inside. The police refused to let us enter the farm to help the birds, even when we showed them footage of the criminal animal abuse happening there.

But the power of our nonviolent protest moved the police and they promised they would look into the farm and take action by September 1st. Historically, the police have ignored the criminal animal cruelty that DxE investigators expose, but as people come together and the pressure mounts in Petaluma, I have hope that law enforcement will finally take a stand against animal cruelty.

Sign and share the petition asking the Petaluma Police Department to help the birds at Petaluma Farms!

There are 21 days left for the police to keep their promise. All the while they wait, animals are dying at Petaluma Farms. And if September 1st comes without the police taking action to help these birds, then we will have to take action ourselves.


I like and respect DxE because they are a non-violent organization that actually does something for animals being abused for profit. The do what I wish PETA would do — and DxE doesn’t believe all pits should be killed and that all pets are prisoners.

DXE organizer Eva Hamer will be back for a brief discussion of this issue (12 minutes) and update us on the plight of beagles bred specifically for scientific experimentation.

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1:08pm: Update on DxE Petaluma Chicken Abuse Protest 2
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